WPAC Updates its One-Stop Safety Resource for Pellet Producers

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada’s (WPAC) improved One-Stop Safety Resource, created last year, has been updated with the latest safety information to include:

The compendium reflects our sector’s commitment to safety and to implementing new ways to be safer every day. The safety initiatives are the result of industry-wide participation, leadership and input. WPAC’s safety committee is the key driver behind most of these initiatives.

In a recent interview with Julie Griffiths, newly appointed chair of the WPAC Safety Committee, says that through the WPAC Safety Committee industry can address challenges and opportunities together, rather than just reinventing the “safety wheel” at each company. Through the committee, members are building new safety initiatives from the ground-up while participating in pilots and accessing vital information along the way.

“Let’s keep it real: there are no shortcuts to safety. If you aren’t already on the committee, then get on board, or get someone on your team to join,” says Griffiths. “One hour a month is a small commitment for the extensive safety knowledge and resources that you’ll take away from the committee.”

The One-Stop Safety Resource is a living document and regularly updated so make a point of checking back. You can find it on WPAC’s website here.

Fahimeh Yazdan Panah, Ph.D., is the director of research and technical development for the Wood Pellet Association of Canada. 

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