Pellets + Your Home

Save money and improve heating with wood pellets. Make the switch today to a wood pellet stove or fireplace insert and see immediate benefits to your pocketbook and your home heating needs. Discover why wood pellet stoves are quickly replacing oil and electric baseboard heat. It’s why Canadian wood pellets are in demand around the world.

Pellet stoves are similar in appearance to free-standing wood stoves and burn renewable pellets made of condensed biomass materials, like wood chips and sawdust. Depending on the size of the stove and your home’s floor plan, a pellet stove can heat all or part of a home. They can be purchased at a cost comparable to mini-split heat pumps or for a fraction of the cost of other renewable energy systems like solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and wind turbines.

Pellet Stoves: A Winning Solution for the Whole Family 

The Absolute pellet stove by Harman Stoves can produce up to 44,000BTU, is quiet and easy to use.

“We bought our new Harman pellet stove in 2020 to replace our 28-year-old previous model. Aside from the ease of use and cleaning, the auto-on and scheduling features on our Harman have allowed us to save a tremendous amount of money on our heating bill. We’ve had such a drastic change in our power bill that two other family members have bought new Harmans plus a fourth stove for our family cottage.”

New Brunswick has among the highest carbon emissions from heating in the world. More than 30 percent of electricity generated in New Brunswick comes from imported fossil fuels such as coal, gas, and heavy oil, most of which is burned in winter to meet electric heating needs.

As a result, the province’s citizens are highly vulnerable to energy price increases because the province’s households rely heavily on electric heating.

New Brunswick is home to five wood pellet plants that produce approximately 350,000 tonnes per year. This fuel has an energy content of over six Peta Joules (PJ) and could replace all heat from electricity, oil, and natural gas consumed by commercial and institutional buildings in New Brunswick.

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