Japan Biomass Safety Workshop | バイオマス安全性ワークショップ


皆さまの反響にお応えして、カナダ木質ペレット協会とFutureMetrics社は、伊藤忠商事、メディアスポンサーであるCanadian Biomass誌と共に、バイオマスのハンドリングと貯蔵における火災のリスクと防止対応に対する日本バイオマス安全性ワークショップ第二弾を開催いたします。第一回ワークショップから内容も大きく拡充。バイオマスのハンドリングや各種貯蔵方式の新情報から、バイオマスのハンドリングと貯蔵におけるハザードの系統的評価の最新手法、ボウタイ分析入門もご期待ください。





  • バイオマスのハンドリングと貯蔵上の注意
  • バイオマス火災と爆発の原因
  • バイオマスの発火防止
  • 火災の消火方法と手順
  • 人員の安全性
  • 火災予防方法
  • 予防措置と緊急対応
  • 初動対応訓練
  • 事例紹介
  • ハザード分析手法



〒108-0074 東京都港区高輪4丁目10−18 京急第1ビル 4階

登録料: お一人様 3万5千 円(カナダドル310ドル)

Safer Biomass Handling and Storage:
Preventing Fire and Explosions

Due to overwhelming demand, the Wood Pellet Association of Canada and FutureMetrics, along with Itochu, and media sponsor Canadian Biomass are holding a second Japan Biomass Safety Workshop on the risks, prevention, and responses to fires in biomass handling and storage. In addition to the valuable information shared during the first workshop, there will be new information, including expanded information on biomass handling and different storage and an introduction to bow-tie analysis, a leading-edge method to assess the hazards of handling and storing biomass systematically.

This is an important workshop for anyone in the biomass industry using biomass fuels such as wood pellets, wood chips, and PKS. It is also highly relevant to first responders who may be called out to respond to fires.

The workshop will be held on May 9, 2024, in Tokyo, Japan. To learn more and register for this event, click here.

Why should you attend?
Fire prevention and suppression when handling and storing biomass require a unique approach. Risks include smoulders and combustible dust fires and explosions that can result in structural damage, business interruptions and harm to personnel.

Topics include:

  • Biomass handling and storage considerations
  • Causes of biomass fires and explosions
  • Biomass ignition prevention
  • Firefighting techniques and procedures
  • Personnel safety
  • Fire prevention methods
  • Preventative and preparatory measures
  • First responder training
  • Case studies
  • Hazard analysis methods

View the agenda

The workshop will take place at:

TKP Garden City Premium Shinagawa Takanawa Exit, Keikyu Daiichi Building

4-10-18 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0074

Hall 4A

Lunch will be provided.

Registration fee: 35,000 JPY per person ($310 CDN)

What you should know

Workshop date: May 9, 2024

Where: TKP Garden City Premium Shinagawa Takanawa Exit, Keikyu Daiichi Building, Hall 4A

Register: Eventbrite


Interested in sponsoring this event?

For $3,000 USD, you can profile your company at the Japan Biomass Safety Workshop.

Benefits include:

  • logo recognition on select promotion for workshop done by WPAC and its affiliates.
  • 30 second video ad spot before or after breaks (if able to be provided by sponsor).
  • Special recognition as a sponsor in thank you email sent out to members of WPAC post workshop.
  • 2 attendee registration ($460 USD).
  • In person introduction of a session if sponsor has an attendee present.

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