WPAC: New Video Promotes Canada and Japan Climate Collaboration

One of the highpoints of British Columbia’s recent trade mission to Japan was the excitement created by the Wood Pellet Association of Canada’s video that underscores how the long-standing trading relationship between our countries has evolved to tackle climate change. Canada and Japan: Working Together for a Brighter Future was showcased during a high-profile event that brought our many valued Japanese customers together with representatives from industry, the B.C., Canadian and Japanese governments and First Nations.

Japan’s commitment to achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 has increased the importance of sustainability and traceability through the entire supply chain, and the video makes clear Canadian wood pellets are a perfect fit and a vital pillar of B.C.’s forest products trade with the nation.

British Columbians are proud of how they manage their forests and are equally proud to support Japan’s efforts towards decarbonization. This symbiotic trading relationship underscores the vital progress being made in displacing fossil fuels with clean, renewable and responsible energy such as bioenergy from wood pellets and in advancing the bioeconomy.

“We can take pride in knowing that at the end of the day the customer is requesting sustainable products and we can provide them,” says Jessica Hochins, registered professional forester, operations supervisor and certification co-ordinator, Skeena Sawmills and BioEnergy.

Wood pellets are taking what was once considered waste and diverting these materials away from slash piles into biomass, delivering new solutions that address the growing global demand for renewable and responsible clean energy.  It’s no wonder Canadian pellets are in such high demand in Japan and around the world.

“Today, Canadian wood pellets are being used in hundreds of power plants across Japan providing a critical source of energy to the country’s power grid to make electricity,” points out Yasuhisa Okamoto, Drax Group managing director for Asia.

Working together, our historic trading relationship continues to evolve to address today’s challenges and opportunities, ensuring wood pellets play a leading role in the climate change solution today and for future generations.

Gordon Murray is the executive director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada.

This article was originally published by Canadian Biomass, a national media brand providing coverage of the emerging biomass, bioenergy and bio-products markets. See CanadianBiomassMagazine.ca for more information.