Video Highlights the Benefits of ENplus

Originally launched in Germany more than a decade ago, the ENplus quality standard has since been endorsed by hundreds of producers and traders of wood pellets in countries around the world. Now a short three-minute video, in French and English, explains why this seal has grown to become the world-leading premium quality scheme for wood pellets.

“For the past decade wood pellet markets have been booming across Europe, turning pellets into a convenience good for both individual customers and industrial users,” ENplus notes.

The importance of independent certification is not new to the Wood Pellet Association of Canada. Quality wood pellets sourced from responsible producers in well-regulated countries like Canada is foremost to our customers and to our local communities.

It follows that WPAC is the national licensor of the ENplus quality program in Canada. Growing by an additional 1.4 million tonnes of certified wood pellets, year over year, since its inception in 2011, today the seal represents wood pellets produced and traded by over 1000 companies in more than 46 countries globally.

One of the reasons for the success of ENplus lies in the standard’s attention to trademark fraud, which is closely monitored and investigated, guaranteeing quality through the entire supply chain.

“The follow-up of quality issues is also at the core of the quality scheme,” ENplus adds.

All in all, five reasons are given for the quality seal’s success globally, which boasts 82 per cent of ENplus certified customers consider their certification essential to their business and 80 per cent say the seal has helped them gain new business.

But you’ll have to watch the ENplus video here to discover the other good reasons for committed pellet professionals to become certified.

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